What Makes Wagyu Beef So Special?

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Wagyu (Japanese, from wa "Japanese" + gyu "cattle, beef") is pronounced "wag-you." Wagyu cattle are considered by the Japanese as one of their national treasures.
Most people in the United States have heard of the world famous "Kobe Beef" brand which is Wagyu beef harvested from steers that were born, raised, and harvested in the Hyogo Prefecture in Japan. Matsuzaka Beef brand is even more exclusive and is produced from female cattle in the Hyogo Prefecture, as well.
If you are looking for Wagyu beef in Bozeman and surrounding areas, Madison Valley Wagyu provides some of the best marbling and flavorful beef in Cameron,MT. We also have American Wagyu. It's known for its extreme marbling, flavor, and tenderness as well. The most unique attribute of Wagyu beef is the abundance of fine monounsaturated fat. This marbling gives the beef its moist, velvety tenderness and rich flavor that no other beef provides.

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Health Benefits of Premium Wagyu Beef

Wagyu has been extensively studied in Japan and in the United States. Washington State University, Kansas State University, Pennsylvania State University, Texas A&M University, and others have done extensive research into the fat produced by Wagyu cattle and effects of dietary fatty acids. Research at Washington State University has shown that premium Wagyu beef has about a 2:1 ratio of monounsaturated fatty acid to saturated fatty acid compared to British cattle with a 1:1 ratio and other studies have shown that higher monounsaturated fatty acid in the diet is associated with lower cardiovascular disease.

According to Dr. Stephen B. Smith from the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University, Wagyu beef is the healthiest beef we can produce. Also, corn-fed beef is good for you, and the brisket contains the healthiest fat on the carcass. When you produce high-quality beef, you also produce healthy beef.

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Genetically Lower Fat Beef

In Japan, beef palatability is positively correlated with the amount of Oleic acid in beef. The Asian markets prefer beef that contains elevated oleic acid (softer fat)
The results of a study led by Dr. Smith found that Oleic acid has positive health benefits. Increasing Oleic acid in beef has a measurable effect on cholesterol metabolism in human subjects. According to Kris-Etherton and Yu, 1997, foods high in Oleic acid decrease LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol.
Smith found that modifying the fatty acid composition of beef can be done naturally and practically. Furthermore, top quality beef from Wagyu is healthier because it is genetically enriched with Oleic acid. As we increase Oleic acid through feeding programs, saturated and trans-fatty acids in beef are reduced.

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